Fun Gambling Activities for Student Parties

Everyone loves a good party, yet there is always that awkward little period before the party gets into full swing when everyone just starts to arrive, and the party still needs to kick off.

Engaging in gambling activities is ideal for getting over those awkward silences or uncomfortable first meetings. Here are a few exciting ice breaker games for parties!

Chilli Craps

This is a classic drinking game that shares some features with craps and Shot Roulette. The game is played with two dice, and each combined score on the dice is connected to a specific drink that the player should drink.

Veteran gamblers may know that rolling a double (snake eyes) is the worst kind of throw in the game craps. Make the game a little more interesting by punishing the player in the worst way possible by making them take a bite of a spicy raw chill when they throw a double with the dice. This twist may add a fun fear factor to the occasion.

Karaoke Poker

Most people can agree that it takes a considerable amount of confidence to sing karaoke when completely sober. If guests at the party are a little shy, try introducing a sing-song as an act of punishment to the game of poker.

There are many rules and conditions that can be added to the game to punish players like this. This can be anything from being caught out on a bluff to running out of chips. Poker players who made a bad bet can be made to serenade their opponents to the tune of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”.

Online Casino

Everyone is also getting more acquainted with the online gambling scene. Provide guests with access to free Wi-Fi and set the mood with a BitStarz bonus overview that will get everyone psyched about winning real cash online.

Introduce these exciting entertainment options to make it a memorable occasion for everyone involved.