The following books explore student and university life. These resources may give students greater insight into the challenges and rewards through their years of studying.

Exceptional Lives: Practice, Progress, & Dignity in Today’s Schools by Ann Turnbull

Published in 2019, this amazing book is a true-life account featuring real stories and real students’ lives. The book combines real-life stories about students, their families, and their educators. It talks about students with disabilities in the modern era.

This textbook presents readers with research-based ideas and ethics that form the basis of educational institutions. This book examines educational progress, diversity, and social justice in educational institutions.

It focuses on real students and gives a comprehensive account of the challenges and triumphs university students face in special education today.

Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach

Henry Skrimshander gives readers a look at the college experience. This is the story of a promising baseball player that makes an errant throw in an important game that would change things for him forever. After missing out on being recruited to the MLB, Henry needs to make some difficult choices about his future.

This story is about rethinking life choices, set in an ordinary college campus, and Henry needs to find his own way and the one place where nothing is more important than finding your way. Learn about the different perspectives when it comes to the challenges students face while studying and living on campus.

Fan Girl By Rainbow Rowell

This novel examines the effects of university life and the toll it takes on relationships. Cath Wren always had a great relationship growing up together as twin sisters. When they finally go to the same campus to study after school, Wren tells Cath to get her own room on the campus.

Wren ends up making new friends becoming more outgoing, and revels in a social lifestyle. Cath becomes extremely introverted. Follow the story as Cath tries to settle in with a nasty roommate, a challenging professor.

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