Room Assignments


New and Returning Residents who have been offered a room assignment must read the following information prior to moving in.

When you have read the following information, print off the room assignment forms, fill out all applicable forms and send them to VIU Student Residence Office.

By Mail:
VIU Student Residence
4 University Cres
Nanaimo, BC V9R 6C5

By Fax:
(250) 754-4291

If you have been assigned to a room in Building 9- Qualicum House - beginning with either 9 (e.g. 9208) or Building 10- Parksville House - beginning with a 10 (e.g. 10108) then you are in a designated quiet building. If you have been assigned a room in Building 3- Dunsmuir House - beginning with 33 (between number 3301 and 3337) then you are on a designated quiet floor.

If you have been assigned a room in Building 7- Cowichan House - beginning with a 7 (e.g. 7315) then you are in the MBA/ mature student house.

All other rooms – those beginning with a 2 (Morden Hall), 5 (Ladysmith house), 6 (Powell River House), 8 (Nanoose House), 11(Duncan House) or 31, 32 (Dunsmuir House) then you are in a regular residence.

If you have any questions about room assignments, payments or fees, contact Carol, Front Office Assistant at

If you have any questions about the Residence Agreement, Quiet Floor/Building Guidelines, or the Residence Life program, contact the Assistant Manager at, or call (250) 754-6506 during regular business hours.

VIU Residence Rules (read before returning signed Residence Agreement page in Room Assignment Forms)

Guidelines for Quiet Floor

Quiet hours for ALL buildings found in Section 2.25 of the Residence Agreement

What to Bring

Payment Options

Parking Information

Linen Package Information

The Good Food Box Program

Fall 2013 Move In Dates and Times

Student Residence Agreement
For Vancouver Island University Residences

Administered by Western Student Housing Ltd. (WSH)

Please note:
There are two parts to this agreement. Part 1 outlines the terms of the contract between you and Western Student Housing Ltd. Part 2 outlines the Rules that you are expected to follow when you are living in Residence. By signing this agreement, you are agreeing to abide by the terms, conditions and rules outlined in this document. Failure to do so will result in consequences, up to and including eviction.

1.0 Terms of Contract

The Student Residences at Vancouver Island University (“VIU”) are operated by Western Student Housing Ltd. ("WSH"). This agreement forms a contract between you:
Student Name: _______________________________________________ (“you” or “your”) and WSH. (“we”, “our”, or “us”).

The purpose of this agreement is to outline terms of the arrangements governing your use and occupation of a place in Residence.

You must review and agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this contract prior to accepting a Residence assignment.

By signing and returning this document, with the payments indicated in Section 1.1, you are entering into a binding contract with us and agree to the following:

1.1 Room Deposit and Damage Deposit

You agree to pay a NON-REFUNDABLE “room reservation deposit” of $350.00. Please note that this deposit is applied to the rental fee for the occupancy period (i.e. your rent will be reduced by the full amount of this deposit).
You must sign and return this document with the $350.00 non-refundable room reservation by the deadline specified in your room assignment e-mail.
In addition, you must pay us a “damage deposit “in the amount of $ 200/300 (studios pay $300 – all other rooms $200) along with the balance of the rent owing by the date specified in your assignment package.
Failure to pay the deposits outlined above will result in our offer of a place in residence being cancelled without further notice to you.

1.2 Rental Rates and Payment

You agree to pay us the Residence rental fees in the amount(s) and at the time(s) established by us as outlined in your Room Assignment Package. All payments, including reservation deposit, damage deposit and rental fees are made through Vancouver Island University. You can access, and pay your fees on your student account.
Please note:
• A service charge will be levied on all cheques returned by your bank for any reason.
• Late payments will normally not be accepted.

1.3 Residential Tenancy Act
You acknowledge and agree that this document creates a licensee/licensor relationship. You agree that the Residential Tenancy Act of British Columbia is not applicable to this Agreement or the occupancy of the accommodation.

1.4 Residence Agreement

You agree to abide by all the terms and conditions contained in this document, as well as all applicable municipal, provincial and federal laws, VIU rules and codes of conduct. To the extent that there is any discrepancy between matters dealt with both in this Agreement and any other publication of WSH or VIU, the provisions of this Residence Agreement shall prevail.

1.5 Eligibility

You must maintain enrollment at VIU to be eligible to remain in Residence. If you lose your student status or withdraw from VIU, you must vacate your room or apartment within seven days, unless special arrangements are made with the WSH management. See Section 1.8 for cancellation fees.
Students under the age of 19, as of August 31, will not be allowed to live in Buildings 10 or 11 (the apartments) or the studio suites, except in special circumstances as determined by WSH management

1.6. Agreement Term

The term of your license is for the duration of one semester of enrollment at VIU or 4 months, whichever is shorter, unless entered into after the semester at VIU has started, in which case the term of your license runs from the time of your acceptance by us until the end of the semester at VIU. No student shall remain in residence for longer than six consecutive years.

At the end of either of the above mentioned lengths of time, the Agreement ends and you must move out of your room or apartment. The Agreement term includes the Christmas break period only if you are staying for the Fall and Spring semesters and have paid your Spring Reservation Payment by the deadline.

Failure to vacate your room and return your keys by 11:00 AM on the assigned move out day, without prior written authorization of the WSH management, constitutes a breach of this Agreement. This may result in WSH pursuing all legal recourse available to it, including, but not limited to, charging your student account for additional accommodation time or revoking your eligibility for Residence in the future. Keys must be returned to the front desk of Building 4, Cedar Centre.
Accommodation for the summer months is offered under a separate Residence Agreement. For more information, please contact WSH (address listed in Appendix I).

1.7 Assignment Policy

Western Student Housing Ltd. will not discriminate in room or building assignments on the basis of race, colour, religion, national origin, ancestry or sexual orientation. Within our admissions guidelines, we will attempt to honour, but do not guarantee, requests for a particular type of accommodation (i.e. 20 bed houses). Failure to provide the preferred assignment will not void this Agreement. Assignments are based on available space, and where space is not available in a particular area, you will be assigned to another area that you are eligible to live in.

We reserve the right, without notice, to assign roommates, to change room or building assignments and/or to consolidate vacancies by requiring residents to move from one accommodation to another. This may include requiring you to move to a different Residence area or different type of room/unit. In such cases, you will be required to pay the fees stipulated for the new accommodation. We are not responsible for any moving costs.

1.8 Cancellation or Termination of the Residence Agreement by the Resident

a) You may cancel this agreement prior to taking occupancy of your room by giving us written notice. However, in the event you cancel this agreement more than 15 days prior to the commencement of your rental term, your room deposit shall be forfeited, but you shall be refunded all other moneys paid to us, save and except an administration fee of $50.00. In the event you cancel this agreement less than 15 days prior to the commencement of your rental term, but before taking occupancy of your room in Residences, all monies paid to us shall be forfeited save and except your damage deposit.

b) You may cancel this agreement after taking occupancy of your room by giving us a minimum of one calendar month’s written notice. In the event you cancel this agreement after taking occupancy all monies paid to us shall be forfeited save and except your damage deposit, which deposit shall be refunded to you, less any claims made against the same by us.

c) In the event you cancel this agreement and forfeit all monies paid to us as outlined in (a) and (b) above, we shall make reasonable attempts to find another tenant for the room that was assigned to you and, if we are successful in filling the vacant room, we will refund to you an amount equal to that portion of any monies you forfeited to us from the date of occupancy of the new resident to the end of your rental term, less the administration fee of $50.00.

1.9 Termination of the Residence Agreement by WSH

We may, without notice, terminate this Agreement and take possession of your accommodation if: You fail to pay any of the fees stipulated prior to indicated deadlines; You fail to pay any assessments or damages assessed pursuant to the terms of this Agreement; The offer of accommodation was made by us based upon incorrect information or a mistake as to your eligibility for residency in your accommodation;

You no longer meet the eligibility requirements for residency; You have failed to pay monies owed to us with respect to matters other than this Agreement; You breach any provisions of this Agreement.
In the event of termination of this Agreement and eviction, you shall remain indebted for any fees, assessments or damages accrued pursuant to the terms of the Agreement up to and including the last day of the semester, fees will only refunded if WSH successfully re-rents your room.
Eviction from Residence may also result in you being banned from Residence and Residence property for a period of time determined by WSH management.

We, may, with the prior written consent of VIU, terminate or temporarily suspend this contract without notice, in the case of circumstances which make the continued operation of the Residence not feasible.
WSH can make a decision not to renew the Student Residence Agreement for a further term in circumstances where there is not a good fit between the student and the housing options available.

1.10 Notice to Vacate and Fees

a) In the event you breach this agreement we may terminate this agreement and require you to vacate the Residence upon giving you seven days written notice. Notwithstanding the foregoing sentence, or any other provisions of this agreement, in the event your actions or behavior create a clear and immediate danger to any other person or to property we have the right to terminate and may immediately terminate this agreement and require you to immediately leave and remove your property from the Residences. Eviction timelines are based upon the severity of the Residence Standard or Regulation infraction(s) and are determined by WSH management.

b) Upon receiving any notice of termination of this agreement you agree that you will vacate the Residence and remove all of your belongings from Residence upon the effective date of termination.

c) If you are evicted from Residence for breach of this agreement, you will only receive your rent if WSH is successful in renting your room, but may receive a refund of your damage deposit.

d) Any notice to you shall be sufficiently given if delivered to you personally, or delivered to your mailbox in Cedar Centre, or posted on the bulletin board in Residence. If notice is posted on the bulletin board it will be conclusively deemed to have been given to you on the date it is posted. Notice may also be given to you by mailing it to you at your last known address and it will be conclusively deemed to have been given to you on the business day next following the date it was mailed.

1.11 Assignment and Unauthorized Occupancy
You agree that you may not assign this contract without our prior written consent. You acknowledge that all rooms in Residence are designed as single occupancy rooms.

1.12 Room Switches
You may not change rooms within the Residence without our prior written consent.

a) Authorized Room Switches
If you would like to change rooms after moving into Residence, you may request a transfer to another room. Request to Transfer forms can be obtained at the Cedar Centre office. Email requests will not be considered. Requests must include specific details that support the case for a room switch. There is a $50 application fee for all room switch requests.

Room switches will only be offered based on available vacancies and at the discretion of WSH management. Room change requests are approved on a priority basis, based on the date of application and the reason for the switch. You must be able to move on a specified date as determined by WSH management. Should your request be approved but a room is not available at that time, your name will be put on a prioritized wait list until an appropriate room becomes available.
You will be billed for the difference in Residence fees when you move to more expensive accommodation. Refunds due to a switch to less expensive accommodation will be credited to your account.

Room switches are not permitted for any resident who has given notice to cancel this Agreement.

b) Unauthorized Room Switches
Unauthorized room switches will result in you being required to move back into your authorized room and be subject to a Community Living Agreement.

1.13 Force Majeure

To the extent that we are unable to fulfill, or are delayed or restricted in fulfilling, our obligations under this Agreement by any cause beyond our control, we shall be relieved from the fulfillment of its obligations during that period and you shall not be entitled to any reduction in fees or compensation as a result thereof. Without restricting the generality of the foregoing, we shall not be responsible for failing to meet our obligations under this Agreement due to a strike by our employees, a lock-out of employees by WSH and/or any other form of job action or labour unrest, or due to acts of God, including but not limited to fires, floods, earthquakes, intervention by civilian or military authorities, or governmental legislation.

1.14 Liability

By accepting our offer it is agreed between us that:
Neither we nor VIU shall be held responsible for property in or about the Residences which is lost, stolen or damaged in any way nor shall we or VIU be liable for any injury or death to you, your guests or any other persons while in, on or about the Residence or the VIU campus or while engaged in activities organized or sponsored by us.

You agree to indemnify and save us and VIU harmless from any and all claims, liens, charges, demands, actions, suits and proceedings of whatsoever nature in respect of any matter arising out of your use and occupation of the Residence or this agreement which at any time shall be made, brought forth, prosecuted against us and/or VIU and all costs and expenses incurred by us and/or VIU in connection therewith.

You will ensure that no act on your part while in or about the Residence creates any unreasonable disruption or injury to any other party or property.

1.15 Insurance

\You will not do or permit to be done in or about the Residence anything that would affect any insurance carried by us.

It is recommended that you take steps to ensure that all your personal effects, in Residence rooms, units, apartments, storage rooms, and all other Residence property including in all Residence buildings are covered by private insurance. You are urged to obtain a residential insurance policy that covers both loss of personal property and liability for personal and property damage. Insurance may be available as an extension of your family's home insurance policy, or you can obtain your own insurance package. See the Yellow s telephone directory for local insurance agents.

1.16. Damages and Assessed Costs

You agree to follow established checkout procedures and to leave your room in an acceptable, clean condition, without damage. Failure to do so may result in forfeiture of all or part of your damage deposit.

You agree to pay for damages, lost property or extraordinary service or administrative costs caused by yourself or your guest(s) to Residence facilities through accident, neglect or intent. In some circumstances, all residents of a floor or house or apartment may be assessed for cleaning, damages, lost property or extraordinary service costs where the person(s) responsible cannot be ascertained by WSH but where the damages, lost property, or excessive mess were reasonably believed by the management of WSH to be caused by one or more residents of the floor, house or apartment.

Such charges will be placed on your account. Where charges and costs have not been paid by the specified date, a late fee will be added. Failure to pay assessments including damages, lost property, service and administrative costs may result in denial of future Residence assignment or eviction from Residence.

1.17 Denial of Other University Services

In addition to any other remedies available to it pursuant to this Agreement or at law, VIU may suspend a student’s privileges and deny the student services if any fees, assessment, damages, costs or other monetary amounts owing pursuant to this Agreement remain unpaid by you either during the term of this Agreement or after its termination or conclusion for any reason.

1.18 Room Entry

It is agreed between us that our authorized personnel may enter your room for inspection, repairs and/or cleaning. We may also enter in emergency circumstances. Insofar as possible, advance notification will be given to you. Your room will not be searched without an appropriate warrant or consent.

1.19 Arrivals

You may check into Residence at the Cedar Centre Office on the check in date and time specified in your Room Assignment Package. You may not arrive earlier than the date stated on the Residence assignment notice unless you have made separate arrangements with Residence management(see 1.20. Early Arrivals).

1.20 Early Arrivals

The Agreement period begins on the move-in date and time indicated in the Room Assignment Package. You may occupy your assigned room two to three days prior to the commencement of classes, depending on availability. A daily room fee of $25.00/day will be charged for each day prior to the stipulated move in date. All arrangements for early arrivals must be made in advance with (and confirmed in writing by) WSH management. Requests for early arrival must be directed in writing to:

Business Manager
Student Residence
Vancouver Island University
4 University Crescent
Nanaimo BC V9R 6C5
phone: (250) 591-2009
fax: (250) 754-4291
Please note that there is no guarantee that early move-in requests will be granted.

1.21 Late Arrivals/Late Stays

If you plan to arrive after the assigned move-in date as indicated on the Residence License Agreement, you must notify Residence managementin writing.

Late stays may be accommodated only in extenuating circumstances to students who provide a written request and all necessary supporting documents. Decisions to allow late stays are at the discretion of WSH management. Requests are not guaranteed and if granted, fees will apply.

1.22 Delivery of Personal Property

Personal property delivered to Residence before the Resident moves in will generally not be accepted. Exceptions may sometimes be made by contacting Residence managementand making appropriate arrangements ahead of time.

1.23 Furnishings in Rooms and Kitchens

Most rooms in Building 2 (Morden), Building 5 (Ladysmith House), Building 6 (Powell River House), Building 7 (Cowichan House), Building 8 (Nanoose House), and Building 9 (Qualicum House) are furnished with a wardrobe, single bed, mattress, mattress cover, desk, chair, desk light, drapes, bar-size refrigerator, shelf unit, waste basket, and bulletin board. The shared bathroom contains a sink/vanity, vanity light, shower and shower curtain. There is a telephone jack and a cable jack in each room.
Each room in Building 3 (Dunsmuir) is furnished with all of the above, except that there is a closet rather than a wardrobe.

Each room in the apartments, (Building 10 - Parksville House and Building 11 -Duncan House) is furnished with a wardrobe, single bed, mattress, mattress cover, desk, chair, desk light, drapes, shelf unit, waste basket, and bulletin board. The shared bathroom contains a sink/vanity, vanity light, shower and shower curtain. There is a telephone jack and a cable jack in each room. The shared common area contains drapes, stove/oven, microwave, dishwasher, full refrigerator/freezer, kitchen table with 4 chairs, coffee table, TV table, linen closet, coat closet, recycling bin, garbage bin, couch and chairs.
All residents are responsible for bringing their own linen. Residents in each of the following rooms/suites require linen for an extra-long double bed: 3137, 3237, 3337, 6217, 8217, 10204 and 11204, and all other residents require long 39" X 80" linen. All residents require towels, toiletries (including toilet tissue), cleaners (to clean your room and shared bathroom), small fan, flashlight (in case of power outages), dishes, cooking utensils, small tray to carry food & dishes to and from the common kitchen, dish-soap, dish-clothes, tea-towels, clothes hangers, laundry hampers and laundry detergent. Ironing boards are provided in most of the laundry rooms, and irons can be signed out from the office.

1.24 Furniture

You will not remove furnishings or other equipment from lounges or other common areas without prior written permission from WSH management. Additional furniture may only be placed in unit common areas only with the prior authorization of WSH management. Costs associated with removing additional furniture will be assessed in accordance with section 1.16.

You will not overload the floor in Residence by bringing in furniture with excess weight (e.g. waterbeds, etc).

1.25 Housekeeping

At check-in you will be provided a Room Checklist which you will use to document the condition of your room/unit and/or any missing inventory items. You need to promptly complete and return this form to the main office in Cedar Centre and keep a copy for your records. After check out, the room and common areas and their contents will be inspected. Any missing items, damage not documented on the Room Checklist, or required cleaning will be assessed to you and/or deducted from your damage deposit. If there is a question regarding responsibility for damages to the room or unit or furnishings, the Room Checklist will be used in determining responsibility for the damages. Failure to return the form may result in your being assessed for all damages and any missing items.

Residents living in apartments (Building 10 - Parksville House and Building 11 -Duncan House) will be required to book an inspection prior to the conclusion of both Fall and Spring semesters. Failure to book an inspection will result in assessment charges being assigned to all individuals in the apartment.
Common areas in units will be inspected from time to time during the year to ensure they are kept clean and safe. Failure to keep common areas/units clean will result in assessments and/or the possible relocation of residents, being placed on a Community Living Agreement and/ or denial of future Residence assignment.

1.26 Repairs and Alterations

All repairs and alterations to accommodations must be carried out by Residence Staff. You are prohibited from repairing or altering your room or unit, including a prohibition from painting or wallpapering. You must report any required repairs to the main office in Cedar Centre.

1.27 Construction and Maintenance

Should on-going maintenance, renovation and construction projects take place in and around the Residences, prudent construction practices will be followed, but there may be noise and dust. There will be no compensation or reduction in Residence fees due to any such disruption.

1.28 Storage

Secure bike storage areas are available, and bicycles are permitted in these designated storage areas only. To access these storage spaces, a key may be obtained at the Cedar Centre office. We do not assume liability for loss, theft, or damage of articles stored in bike storage areas regardless of how such theft or damage occurs. Storage of items in these areas is solely at the risk of the Resident.

There is no other storage area available for resident use.

Once you have checked out of Residence, you must not leave personal belongings in your room, in Residence common spaces, or in kitchens. These articles will be considered abandoned and will be disposed of. We do not assume any liability for lost or damaged articles.

1.29 Parking

Parking of motorized vehicles (which includes, but is not limited to, cars, trucks, motorcycles, mopeds, and scooters) in VIU Residence parking lots is strictly regulated. RESIDENCE PARKING PERMITS ARE NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE. To apply for a parking permit you need to apply at the Vinci Park Parking office in building 315 of the Nanaimo campus (250-740-6512 during regular business hours). Parking permits are allocated on a “first come, first served” basis. Parking is “scramble parking” which means there are no allocated parking spaces. There is no guarantee that you will find a parking space near your building.

You must display your valid parking permit where it is clearly visible at all times.
Visitor parking is limited to six metered spaces beside Cedar Activity Centre and six metered spaces in the lower lot by the apartments. Metered rates for visitor parking will be posted and in effect from 8am to 11pm daily. Overnight guests can park for free between 11pm and 8am, but must be registered at the main office in accordance to the overnight guest policy.

We are not responsible for theft or damage to cars, trucks, bicycles, motorcycles, mopeds, scooters, or any other vehicle—or any contents stored on or within them.

1.30 Security

You are responsible for taking reasonable precautions to ensure that your Residence is protected from a breach of security. This includes, but is not limited to, locking your room and/or unit door and window(s), not propping building entrance doors open, not permitting unknown persons to follow you into the Residence building, and immediately reporting strangers or security concerns to Campus Security, the RCMP, or Residence Staff.

1.31 Protection of Privacy

Personal information in possession of WSH will not generally be released to persons outside Western Student Housing management, including family members or friends, without your written consent, unless permitted or required by law. In particular, if you are injured or ill, or in the opinion of WSH represent a threat to yourself or others, we may contact third parties (including but not limited to, government and health officials, next of kin, or an indicated emergency contact person) and disclose personal information to them. We may choose to do this despite your objections.

1.32 Mail and Email

Each room has a corresponding mailbox associated with it. The mailboxes are located in the lobby of the Cedar Activity Centre.

Your Mailing Address is:
Your Name
Building Number-Room Number
4 University Crescent
Nanaimo, B.C.
V9R 6C5

We frequently provide important information to you by way of mail and your email address. You are responsible for checking both your mailbox in Residence as well as your email account on a regular basis. You are responsible for reading and ensuring that you understand any information that we provide to you in your mailbox and email account. You are also responsible for reporting a change in email address to the main office.

Any notice to you shall be sufficiently given if delivered to you personally, or delivered to your mailbox in Cedar Centre, or posted on the bulletin board in Residence. If notice is posted on the bulletin board it will be conclusively deemed to have been given to you on the date it is posted.
Notice may also be given to you by mailing it to you at your last known address and it will be conclusively deemed to have been given to you on the business day next following the date it was mailed.

1.33. Agreement Changes

Amendments or exceptions may not be made to the terms of this Agreement without our written permission. Changes may be made by us during the term of the Agreement and are binding on you. Such changes will be published by placing notices in your mailbox one week before the changes become effective. Implementation of the changes may be immediate when, in our opinion, the health or safety of any person may be adversely affected by a delay.

2.0 Residence Rules

In addition to the Residence Rules outlined in this document, you are also be subject to VIU Student Conduct Code (Policy 32.05) available at
We reserve the right to share information about serious incidents or drug-related activity with the RCMP and/or the following VIU departments: Campus Security, Student Services, Health and Safety, Counselling and other departments as required. If you commit a crime in Residence, we may notify both Campus Security and/or the RCMP. Residence managementwill impose disciplinary sanctions independent of proposed criminal charges. WSH also reserves the right to inform your parents or guardians about unlawful activity or any behaviour that threatens the safety or wellbeing of any individual, including you.

For more information, and an interpretation of both the Residence Rules and Process, please refer to the Community Standards Handbook. Copies of the handbook are available from your Residence Advisor, in the lounge of all buildings except the apartments, and online at, *******************************.

2.1 Residence Rules Overview

We are committed to ensuring that all members of the Residence community are able to study and work in an environment of tolerance and mutual respect, free from harassment and discrimination. The standards and regulations stated here strive to protect the well-being, safety and security of residents and contribute to a Residence community that is conducive to residents’ academic success, personal growth and development. These Residence Rules are applicable on or about all Residence property (which includes but is not limited to all Residence buildings, parking lots, and surrounding grounds), and during all Residence-related events, even if these events take place outside Residence property.
Please understand that a breach of rules which affects the health and safety of other residents will result in immediate eviction with NO warning.

2.2 Rights and Responsibilities of the Individual within the Residence Community

You agree not to do anything or permit anything to be done in or about the Residence that would interfere with any other person's lawful use and enjoyment of the Residence. You can expect consideration and respect for your feelings and needs, and in return have the responsibility to show respect for the rights of every other person in the community. You can expect to live in an environment where your possessions and the communal space (including all Western Student Housing Ltd. and VIU property) are shown respect by every other person.

If you have any questions or concerns about our expectations of social conduct in Residence, please contact the Residence management in the Cedar Centre at

(250) 754-6506; or email

2.3 Residence Rules Process

When a violation of the Residence Rules is brought to the attention of WSH management, WSH is responsible for ensuring that an investigation is conducted, and for deciding, when necessary, upon the appropriate disciplinary action.

Not all conflicts and resident concerns fall under a breach of rules. In such a diverse community there will often be varying interpretations of the Residence rules, as well as varying expectations about how they need to be enforced. Our goal is to support residents to work through their conflicts and disagreements with other residents, whether the issue is noise, messiness or disrespect. After meeting with the affected parties, Residence management may design a Community Living Agreement which outlines the Residence Rules that need to be more closely followed by the resident with possible sanctions. Subsequent breaches of the Residence Agreement while on a Community Living Agreement result in eviction.

2.4 Student Code of Conduct on-campus

Students living on campus are subject to both the Residence Rules and the VIU Student Conduct Code and Human Rights Policy. Minor violations of the Student Conduct Code will be managed independently by Residence management under the Residence Rules.

a) Violations of the Student Code of Conduct in Residence
Most violations of the Residence Rules will be dealt with internally by WSH management. Assistance will be requested from Student Services as needed (e.g. consultation, counseling services, etc). The Executive Director of Student Services, or designate, will be informed of the more serious violations, with the following criteria to be used as a guideline: Property damage over $500 or a second property damage offence; Interpersonal conflict that involves any kind of threat or violence; Any alcohol or drug related behavior that is a violation of the law (as opposed to Residence rules); Any safety or security breaches that purposely put others at risk; Any serious violations by a student visiting the Residences.
The Executive Director of Student Services will review the report and determine whether additional action will be taken under the institutional Student Code of Conduct.

b) Violations of the Human Rights Policy in Residence
WSH is committed to providing an environment that is free of harassment and other forms of discrimination. It is expected that students living at WSH are responsible for treating each other with respect and dignity.

Most violations of the Residence Rules will be dealt with internally by Residence staff with assistance requested from the Human Rights Advisor as needed (e.g. consultation, educational follow-up). Any resident complaining about behavior that has discriminatory elements will be informed of the option of independently filing a complaint with the Human Rights Office.
The Human Rights Office will be informed of any serious violations, especially any form of discrimination or harassment that involves physical touching, threats or violence. The Human Rights Advisor will review the report and determine whether additional action will be taken under the institutional Human Rights Policy.

c) Collective Responsibility
Where necessary, Residence managementmay impose standard restitution on a particular floor or Residence area, or group of individual residents if the behaviour warrants such action. This may include shared cost of charges imposed due to false fire alarms. Residents who choose to be part of a group that is violating Residence Rules may collectively and individually be held responsible for the violation.

d) Self-harming Behaviours
Situations where individual Resident behaviour constitutes self-harming will be deemed to permit intervention and support by VIU Counseling Services. Students who engage in self-harming behaviours such as cutting, burning, attempting suicide, etc. in Residence will be required to seek support from a professional counsellor through VIU Counselling Services. This requirement will not only provide individual intervention, but will also provide Residence managementwith a determination of the student’s suitability to live in an interdependent student Residence community. Students whose self-harming behaviour results in professional care outside of the University will be required to meet with a VIU counsellor before returning to Residence.

2.5 Advertising

In keeping with Human Rights Law, a person must not publish, issue or display, or cause to be published, issued or displayed, any statement, publication, notice, sign, symbol, emblem or other representation that:

a) indicates discrimination or an intention to discriminate against a person or a group or class of persons,


b) is likely to expose a person or a group or class of persons to hatred or contempt because of the race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, religion, marital status, family status, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation or age of that person or that group or class of persons.

In keeping with the Criminal Code of Canada, it is an offence to publish or display obscene matter, described as having as a dominant characteristic the undue exploitation of sex, or of sex together with crime, horror, cruelty or violence.

Advertised events and programs must meet the following criteria:

1) Offer a discount or exclusive benefit to Residents

2) Be sponsored by a campus organization or department

3) Off-campus hosted events must be sponsored by a campus organization or department
Non-university related general commercial advertising must be approved by Residence Management.
If an individual, group, or department wishes to post material in Residence and is eligible under the criteria above they must leave the material with Residence management in the Cedar Centre to be posted.

2.6 Alcohol use in Residence

The Residence community has unique social and developmental needs and individual actions have direct effects not only on the individual but also on the entire community at large. You and your guests are obligated to use alcohol responsibly and legally. You are fully accountable for your own actions as well as the actions of your guests. You are also responsible for knowing, understanding and complying with applicable VIU and Residence rules in addition to the provincial laws related to alcohol.
Overall, it is our intention to emphasize that the safety of residents and their guests is paramount, and that this safety must be ensured where alcohol is present. We strive to create an environment where choosing not to drink is as socially acceptable as choosing to drink; where the needs of all community members are respected; and to create awareness and promote responsible attitudes towards alcohol in a manner that is consistent with the philosophies and objectives of Residence Life. Our goal is to create a culture and maintain a community where the effects of alcohol abuse and the problems of behaviour associated with it are minimal.

a) Drinking Age
Possession or consumption of alcohol by individuals under 19 years of age in British Columbia is a violation of provincial law and VIU policy. You and your guests are responsible for knowing, understanding and complying with both standards. Failure to do so may result in a Community Living Agreement and/or eviction.

b) Behaviour
Alcohol consumption is not an excuse for disruptive or unacceptable behaviour. WSH and Campus Security are responsible for the enforcement of this policy. Students who choose to violate this policy will be held accountable for their actions under the VIU Student Code of Conduct and the Residence Rules. Failure to comply may result in a Community Living Agreement and/or eviction.

c) Events
Drinking games, use of “funnels” or “beer bongs”, floor crawls or any other activity that has excessive consumption and/or intoxication as its focus are not permitted. If you choose to participate in such activities you will face eviction. Any event that requires alcohol consumption in order to participate is not allowed. Failure to comply may result in a Community Living Agreement and/or eviction

d) Areas of Consumption
Alcohol may be consumed by residents 19 years of age or older in only the following locations: inside the individual's rooms of residents who are 19 years of age or older inside living room areas in the apartments in Buildings 10 and 11
Alcohol is prohibited in all other areas including common/public areas, stairwells, hallways, patios, main lobbies, and any area outside of the buildings. Drinking in any common area may result in a Community Living Agreement and/or eviction
The number of people in an individual's room at any one time must not exceed the room capacity established by the building and/or fire codes.

e) Common Sources
You may only consume alcohol in a Bring-Your-Own (BYO) fashion. Alcohol may not be sold in Residence. Common sources of alcohol are not allowed on Residence property and include, but are not limited to kegs, mini kegs, bubbas, beer bongs, pitchers, punch bowls, jello shooters and funnels.
Concealing open alcohol in water bottles, cups, thermoses, etc. is still considered open alcohol and is not permitted. If you violate this rule you may face eviction

f) Excessive Drinking
We consider excessive drinking as consuming alcohol to the point of impairment of mood, judgment, mobility and body. Examples of excessive drinking include but are not limited to persons exhibiting:
Loss of mobility
Aggressive or strong mood behaviours
Failure to respond to directions
Highly impaired speech
Verbal acknowledgement of depression or self harm
State of unconsciousness
State of being is lost and confused in a familiar setting
Determination of excessive drinking is at the discretion of Residence Staff and Campus Security. Residents who drink excessively may face eviction.

2.7 Attack on the dignity and security of an individual

Activity (verbal, written, graphic, physical) that can reasonably be interpreted to be threatening, racist, sexist, homophobic, or any other form of discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment or unwanted sexual attention is prohibited, and may result in eviction from Residence. This can include, but is not limited to: posting or distributing material and/or behaving in a manner that is offensive and may contribute to an intimidating, hostile or uncomfortable environment; putting offensive posters/pictures in areas available to public view, including windows or common areas; using e-mail, voice mail, message boards, mail, computer networks or other mediums to convey nuisance, obscene, or otherwise objectionable messages or materials; writing graffiti in Residence buildings or encouraging or engaging in offensive acts or behaviour; repeatedly following or attempting to make unwanted contact with another person. Violation may result in a Community Living Agreement or eviction, and referral to the Human Rights Advisor.

2.8 Barbecuing and outdoor grilling

Barbecuing and outdoor grilling is only permitted using the barbeques available at the Cedar Centre. You must sign out barbeques and utensils for use on these barbeques. You must return the barbeques or propane tanks upon conclusion of use, the only exceptions are the barbeques located on the patio at Cedar Centre.

2.9 Building Entrances and Exits

For the safety and security of all residents, doors are not to be propped open to any Residence building. Doing so puts all residents at risk and allows thieves and others intent on harm to enter the buildings. Do not allow strangers to follow you into a building. Question anyone unknown in your building. Residents must immediately report strangers or security concerns to Campus Security.

If you live in the apartments (Buildings 10 or 11) and invite guests, please ask them to call ahead or agree on a specific time they will arrive. There is no intercom system available so you must open the front door for your guest(s).

Please keep exit routes clear at all times. You agree not to obstruct or use for any purpose other than its designated use, any common area, including hallways and stairways. Bicycles, or anything that could impede an exit, are not to be left in the common areas, walkways, or stairwells of any building. Bicycles are only permitted in designated storage areas.

2.10 Cablevision

In any Residence, tampering with the cable, cable splitting or splicing, diverting the signal or attempting any other unauthorized access to cablevision is prohibited.

2.11 Cleanliness standards

You will maintain your room in good, clean and sanitary condition, free of damage, reasonable wear and tear excepted. You are also expected to keep shared living areas, kitchen, and the exterior of your room/unit doors clean. In buildings 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9, there are bins that housekeeping will place dishes left out into on a daily basis. Dishes remaining in the bin on Friday will be discarded, and will not be replaced. All food left out in the kitchen will be discarded for health reasons. In buildings 10 and 11, residents must book an inspection near the end of both Fall and Spring semesters.
Failure to maintain your room, shared living areas, kitchens, the exterior of your unit or book an inspection may result in cleaning charges, and/or further action as may be deemed appropriate by WSH management. Common area damage or unreasonable mess may result in shared assessments, the possible relocation of the residents of the floor/unit, and/or denial of future Residence assignment. In extreme cases, you may be put on a Community Living Agreement and/or evicted.

2.12 Cooking and Appliances

No cooking will be done in Residence other than in designated kitchens. Residents are not permitted to use electrical outlets in their rooms for anything other than the purpose of education and personal hygiene. No cooking appliances (toaster, kettle, rice cooker, etc) are allowed for use in bedrooms, hallways, bathrooms, and lounges. You will not overload or permit the Residence electrical system to be overloaded. Additionally, halogen lights are not permitted in Residence. Use of appliances other than those permitted may result in at Community Living Agreement and/or eviction.

2.13 Cooperation with staff and security

Residents and guests shall cooperate with requests from Residence Staff and Campus Security. Failure to cooperate with, and/or verbal or physical harassment or abuse of a staff member (Residence Life staff, housekeepers, WSH Office personnel, Campus Security personnel, trades staff, emergency and/or police personnel, et cetera) may result in eviction from Residence.

2.14 Damage to property

You will not bring into the Residence any machine or other device which is liable to cause objectionable noise or vibration or be injurious to the Residence or its occupants. You will ensure that no act on your part while in or about the Residence creates any unreasonable disruption or injury to any other party or property. Damage to the personal property of other residents or damage to WSH property including, but not limited to, buildings, windows, locks, posters and advertising materials is prohibited and may result in eviction from Residence and an assessment and charges laid for damages. Damage also constitutes vandalism which is defined as the willful or malicious destruction or defacement of public or private property and is prohibited in Residence and on Residence property. Any vandalism directed toward an individual or group of individuals may also constitute harassment. Violation may result in a Community Living Agreement or eviction.

2.15 Dangerous activity

You will ensure that no act on your part while in or about the Residence creates any unreasonable disruption or injury to any other party or property. Activities that are considered dangerous or potentially harmful to any person, including you, are prohibited and may result in eviction. Activities include, but are not limited to: smashing objects, breaking glass, dangerous horseplay (e.g.: “dog piling”, wrestling, et cetera), climbing the outside of Residence buildings, climbing in and out Residence through windows, et cetera. Violation may result in a Community Living Agreement or eviction.

2.16 Drugs

Use and sale of non-medical drugs is not permitted. The possession, use, trafficking (which includes manufacturing, selling, giving, administering, transporting, sending, delivering, distributing) or offering to do anything related to the possession, use or trafficking of illegal drugs (including marijuana) is prohibited. Any involvement, whether direct or indirect, in any illegal drug or drug-related activity is prohibited. Possession of paraphernalia that is associated with the possession, use or trafficking of illegal drugs is prohibited. These activities will result in eviction and possible referral to the RCMP.

2.17 Explosive materials

You agree not to do anything that would increase the risk of fire to the Residence. Possession of explosive or flammable material including, but not limited to firecrackers, ammunition, fireworks, dynamite, gasoline or other such materials, et cetera is not permitted on Residence property. Possession of the same may result in eviction. Propane tanks and butane are not permitted in Residence buildings. Violation may result in a Community Living Agreement or eviction.

2.18 False identification

Using false identification for any reason, including signing out a key, is prohibited, and may result in referral to the RCMP and eviction.

2.19 Garbage

Residents are responsible for removing their own garbage and disposing of it in one of the garbage dumpsters. Leaving garbage in hallways or outside the buildings is not permitted.

2.20 Guests

You agree to take responsibility for the actions of any guests, whether or not you participate in, condone or are aware of that guest’s behaviour. Anyone that you invite to, or admit to Residence property (which includes but is not limited to all Residence buildings, parking lots, and surrounding grounds) is deemed to be your guest. If you allow a stranger through a locked door, you can be deemed to be the host of that person and will be held responsible for that person’s behaviour as if the person were your guest. You must be present as host of your guest at all times, however your failure to be present does not mitigate or relieve your responsibility for your guests’ behaviour. You are responsible for your guests’ actions until the guest leaves the Residence property.
Accompanying or acting as a host to a former Resident who was evicted and does not have visiting privileges, and/or a person whose visiting privileges have been revoked, is prohibited.
Any breach of Residence rules by your visitor will result in consequences being assigned to you. Possible consequences may include, but are not limited to, a ban on specific visitors, or you may be banned from inviting visitors to the Residences. In addition, if the VIU Student Code of Conduct is breached, and the visitor is a student at VIU, VIU Student Services will be contacted to assign possible consequences.
You are responsible for activities that take place in your room or unit whether you are present at the time of the activity or not. Your failure to lock your door does not mitigate your responsibility for the actions of others that occur in your room or unit.

No overnight guests are permitted without our prior approval. ALL overnight guests must be registered at the Cedar Office prior to the commencement of quiet hours. Both guest and hosting resident must sign a Guest Agreement. Unless they have permission to remain overnight, all guests or other visitors must leave the Residence premises no later than 11:00 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and 1:00 a.m. Friday night\Saturday morning and Saturday night\Sunday morning.

No guests shall be permitted to visit in the residence buildings during exam periods. Any violation of the guest policy may result in a Community Living Agreement or eviction.

2.21 Overnight guests

Overnight guests are permitted for a maximum of four nights in a month. If you live in Buildings 10 and 11, you need to request approval from all your roommates before your guest arrives. In other houses, bathroom-mates should be forewarned, especially if your guest is someone of the opposite gender. With prior approval of WSH and your room-mates/bathroom mate, a guest may be permitted to stay overnight for more than four nights per month, with a charge of $25 per night. Residence management reserves the right to revoke guest privileges if there is a conflict with social conduct or other rules.
Residents may be evicted if their guests cause a disturbance to the floor, unit/apartment. Guests may be asked to leave at any time by Residence Staff if they fail to abide by Residence Rules and/or are a disturbance to the Residence.

No extra bedding is available and guests may not sleep in the lounge or common area. No person may be the guest of more than one Resident in succession.

All rooms in Residence are designated as single occupancy rooms (with the exception of the studios).
No overnight guests shall be permitted during the exam periods.

Violation, including failure to register to guests with the main office, may result in a Community Living Agreement or eviction.

2.22 Inappropriate behaviour
Any conduct which is inappropriate or disruptive to the Residence community, as determined by WSH management, is prohibited and may result in eviction. Without limiting the foregoing, inappropriate behaviour includes ‘mooning’, urinating in public, and nudity readily visible from outside of the Resident’s room. Violation may result in a Community Living Agreement or eviction.

2.23 Initiations/Hazing

Initiation or hazing activities that single out particular residents and/or create mental or physical discomfort, and/or exposes another to undue embarrassment or ridicule, and/or may be physically or emotionally harmful to others, including but not limited to hazing, are prohibited. Encouraging, initiating, participating in and/or supporting such activities is prohibited and may result in eviction.

2.24 Keys: Lost, unauthorized possession and/or use

Keys are the responsibility of the resident. If a key is lost it must be reported immediately to the Cedar Centre. A loaner key will be given for a maximum of 48 hours. If keys are considered lost, there is a non-refundable fee for the replacement of the key as well as the cost of changing the door lock, if required. These charges may vary depending on the building. See the Cedar Centre Office for more details. All keys to rooms in Residence shall at all times remain the property of VIU Residence and may not be duplicated without our prior written permission. We reserve the right to charge and collect a refundable key deposit.
Assigned keys must be returned to the Residence Office in Cedar Centre when you move out. Penalty charges will accrue until all assigned keys are returned.
Unauthorized possession or unauthorized use of Residence keys is prohibited and may result in eviction. You may enter another person's room in Residence only with their permission and, then, only by authorized use of an issued key.
Tampering with or disabling a door’s locking mechanism or propping open a locked door and leaving it unattended, is prohibited. You agree that you will not place any additional locks on any door in Residence without our prior written consent. Violation may result in a Community Living Agreement or eviction.

2.25 Noise

You agree not to make undue noise in or about the Residence at any time. Our mandate is to ensure that residents can study and sleep in Residence. Residence is a densely-populated community, and some reasonable living noise is to be expected. While absolute silence may not be possible, excessive noise is not permitted. In all Residences, you are expected to be considerate twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. An individual’s right for reasonable quiet study and sleep supersedes others’ rights to make noise. In cases of dispute, the Residence management will determine what is reasonable. If someone asks that you be quiet, respect that person’s wishes and reduce your noise.
There may be no loud playing of radios, televisions, stereo or their audio equipment or musical instruments except during approved events. In addition to being considerate at all times, quiet hours are those times during which residents are prohibited from making noise which can be heard outside of their unit, or which may disturb the resident’s roommate in any way (if applicable), or which can be heard outside the Residence building and may disturb a resident inside the building. This refers primarily, but not exclusively to talking, noise from stereo equipment, radios, televisions, musical instruments, computer equipment and telephones. You agree not to bring into the Residence any machine or other device which is liable to cause objectionable noise or vibration, or be injurious to the Residence or its occupants.
a) Regular Quiet Hours:
Sunday–Thursday 11 PM to 8 AM
Friday and Saturday 1 AM to 9 AM
b) Quiet Hours for Quiet Buildings (6 and 10) and Floor 3, Bldg 3:
Sunday–Thursday 9 PM to 8 AM
Friday and Saturday 11 PM to 9 AM
c) Quiet Hours during Final Exams:
During final exam periods, starting no later than the second day following the last day of classes and through to the last day of exams, quiet hours are 23 hours per day. The date when 23-hour quiet hours begin, and the one hour exception are determined by Residence management and will be posted on the bulletin boards.

d) Quiet Agreement:
A Quiet Agreement must be signed within the first week of moving into a Quiet area. Violation may result in a Community Living Agreement or eviction.

2.26 Pets

No pets/animal/insects/reptiles/fish etc of any kind are permitted in Residence. The only exceptions are dog guides for residents with a documented relevant disability. If a resident is found with a pet, he/she will be required to remove the pet immediately and will be assessed a fumigation fee if necessary. In addition, violation may result in a Written Warning or eviction.

2.27 Playing sports or sporting activities in Residence buildings, hallways or common areas

You are not permitted to play physically active games including but not limited to, ball hockey, football, golf, soccer, throwing a ball, frisbee, hacky-sac, water fights, bicycling, skateboarding, inline skating, et cetera, inside Residence buildings.

2.28 Prohibited areas

You are not permitted access to unauthorized areas unless accompanied by a representative from Residence. This includes areas not normally used by persons other than staff, and includes but is not limited to, roof tops, mechanical rooms, hot water tank rooms, or any area marked “off-limit to unauthorized personnel” or “staff only”, et cetera. Accessing these areas is prohibited and may result in eviction and/or referral to the RCMP.

2.29 Raids or pranks: inappropriate or destructive

Initiating, encouraging, supporting or participating in raids or pranks that are inappropriate, disruptive, offensive or hostile toward residents and/or staff, or jeopardize the safety and security of others is prohibited and may result in eviction.

2.30 Recycling

You are encouraged to recycle. It is your responsibility to bring your recycling to the recycling bins located outside. You are not permitted to store bottles for recycling in lounges, kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, or other common areas except in designated recycling containers

2.31 Removal of WSH property

Removing WSH furniture or property out of or into bedrooms, lounges and other common areas without permission of Residence management is not permitted. Taking WSH property out of a Residence area without permission of the manager is considered theft and may result in being charged for the missing items, eviction and referral to the RCMP.

2.32 Room use for commercial purposes

Use of a Residence room, Residence property (which includes but is not limited to all Residence buildings, parking lots, and surrounding grounds), mailbox, telephone or data connection for any commercial purpose is prohibited. Commercial activity may only occur in Residence if it relates to academics (i.e. part of a co-op work position, etc.), and must be approved on a case by case basis by Residence management.

2.33. Safety/fire equipment

Fire equipment includes sprinklers, smoke detectors, heat sensors, fire exit signs, fire extinguishers, pull stations, hoses, alarm bells, and any other safety equipment necessary to safeguard residents. Handling, using, or interfering with any fire or safety equipment for any reason other than in an emergency is prohibited and may result in eviction. Unintended interference with safety equipment (re: hanging objects from sprinkler heads, striking safety equipment with an object) may also result in eviction and the cost of damages associated with the incident.
You are required to evacuate buildings in the event of a fire alarm or other emergency. Failure to evacuate during these situations could result in disciplinary action.
Emergency evacuation procedures are posted inside every resident’s room or apartment door, including a floor plan of your building with nearest exits marked. Please inform Residence management if you do not have this important information.

2.34 Scents

Mothballs and camphor are prohibited in Residence. Strong scents that might include (but are not limited to) mothballs, camphor, room sprays, personal scents or fragrances, and some aerosol products may be found offensive to members of the community. These products may also trigger allergic sensitivities. You may be asked to refrain from using such items.

2.35 Security (see also 3.06 Building Entrances and Exits)

VIU Campus Security is available 24 hours per day and responds to all emergency situations, First Aid calls, noise complaints, requests for escorts for the Safe Walk Program, etc. Security officers, on behalf of VIU and WSH, have the right/responsibility to enforce standards for student/resident behavior. In the event of a noise complaint/party complaint, etc, Campus Security will attend to the applicable building/room and will use Resident’s keys and room numbers or student identification to identify people in attendance. Campus Security completes incident reports that are given to WSH and VIU for follow-up.

To maintain a safe environment for you and other residents, please: Keep exterior doors closed and locked. Lock your room every time you leave. Close your curtains to maintain privacy. Question anyone unknown in your building. Report strangers to Campus Security

2.36 Smoking/Incense/Open Flames/Heat Sources

You agree not to do anything that would increase the risk of fire to the Residence. Smoking and/or the burning of incense or candles is not permitted in any Residence building. All interiors of buildings are non-smoking areas. Smokers outside the building are to smoke at least 3 meters (10 feet) away from Residence doors and windows so that those inside are not affected. Violating the smoking policy will result in eviction.

Open element appliances, including but not limited to hot plates, toasters, kettles, toaster ovens, are not permitted in any areas except for kitchens. Using open element appliances may result in eviction.

2.37 Theft

Theft or possession of another person’s property without permission is illegal and may result in eviction, and/or referral to the RCMP. To help stop theft, keep valuables hidden; keep curtains and doors closed; do not leave clothes unattended in laundry room; do not leave personal belongings in common areas.

2.38 Throwing objects

Throwing, dropping, knocking or ejecting objects from or at Residence buildings, windows, balconies or stairwells, whether intentionally or unintentionally, is prohibited and may result in eviction. Throwing snowballs or other objects at Residence buildings is prohibited.

2.39 Unauthorized parties in Residence

A “party” is any gathering that meets one or both of the following criteria:
a) Alcohol is being consumed as one of the primary activities of the gathering;
b) Music is a major part of the atmosphere and the volume is such that it is too loud to be defined as “background music.”

Defining a gathering as a party is ultimately the discretion of Residence managementor Campus Security.
No parties may be held on weeknights, Sunday through Thursday.
No posters in Residence are permitted to promote events that include alcohol. This includes, but is not limited to: pictures of alcohol (glasses, bottles, etc); and the words beverages, beer, keg, beer garden, booze, bzzr, bar, etc. Violation may result in a Community Living Agreement or eviction.

2.40 Violence/Physical Aggression/Sexual Assault

Physical aggression, violence, and/or sexual assault are not tolerated in Residence. Physical aggression means any physically aggressive or violent behaviour, such as fighting, hitting, punching, slapping, kicking, pushing, pulling, throwing objects at another, et cetera. Sexual assault means any unwanted act of a sexual nature imposed by one person on another without consent, such as fondling or sexual intercourse. Anyone engaging in physically aggressive behaviour or sexual assault may be evicted from Residence; Security will be involved and the incident (event) may be referred to the RCMP and/or the VIU Student Services and/or the VIU Human Rights office.
The need for self defense is recognized. Physical self defense is acceptable only when you have no other means to escape another’s physical aggression, and then only at a level necessary to escape.

2.41 Weapons/Ammunition

Possession of any weapons, legal or illegal, including but not limited to firearms, air guns, pellet guns, swords, hunting knives, sling shots, or archery equipment is prohibited. We reserve the right to evict anyone found in possession of these items and these objects will be confiscated and NOT returned to their owner. Further, wielding any object in a threatening or aggressive manner may result in eviction and referral to the RCMP.

APPENDIX I Useful Contact Information

In case of an emergency requiring Fire/Ambulance/RCMP call 911

In case of an emergency/incident requiring Campus Security or First Aid call:
(250) 740-6600

This number will connect you to Campus Security, as well as any other Emergency service providers needed.

For non-emergency calls to Campus Security 8 AM – 4 PM Monday - Friday, call:
(250) 740-6512

For non-emergency calls to Campus Security after 4 PM weekdays, and on weekends, call:
(250) 753-3812

This number is for noise complaints, requests for escorts to vehicles/buildings, and retrieval of Lost & Found items after-hours and weekends.

Residence Main Office

24 Hours a Day
(250) 754-6338
11:30pm to 8:00 am (250) 616-8664 – night clerk cell phone

Residence Email



It is the responsibly of all residents in “quiet” accommodations to ensure the floor/building is at all times peaceful, calm and undisturbed regardless of the quiet hours established.

The guidelines are as follows:
· Noise of any kind must be kept to a minimum after 9:00 p.m. on weekday evenings (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday).
· Noise of any kind must be kept to a minimum after 11:00 p.m. on weekend evenings (Friday and Saturday nights).
· During exam periods “quiet” hours will be 24 hours per day.

Recommendations to ensure “quiet” are:
· Groups of friends should avoid visiting in the hallways. Please use the lounge.
· Music from stereos or TV’s must not be heard beyond the four walls of your room.
· Close your room door when you have a group of friends visiting in your room.
· Close your room door when your music is playing, no matter how quietly it is playing.
· Any conversation in the hallway during the early evening and night-time hours should be kept to a minimum.
· Residents should remember to close their room door and not let it bang.
· Residents with personal telephones in their rooms should adjust the ringer down from the highest volume.
· Check alarm clocks and clock radios to be sure they are turned off before leaving for class or for the weekend.
· No running, screaming, roughhousing, yelling or using any kind of sports equipment in the hallway or foyer.

Having requested placement on the “Quiet” Floor or in the “Quiet” Building and in consideration of this placement, students must agree to abide by the above guidelines. Terms are in addition to all regular Western Student Housing Residence Agreement terms.


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Your room contains built-in furniture; a single bed (or double bed in studios and private rooms), a desk, shelf and closet space. There is storage under the bed but no additional storage other than bike sheds outside. The bathroom is semi-private. Each student room is equipped with both a telephone and cable jack. Wireless internet access is included.

We provide a small refrigerator (except in apartments/studios where fridge is in kitchen), mattress with mattress pad, curtains, a desk chair, waste basket and a plain white shower curtain. You will require everything personal for your stay here. Some suggestions are:
· sheets to fit a single bed, extra long (39x80) or double, if applicable (54x80)
· blankets or comforter – extra long, and pillow(s)
· towels and toiletries (including toilet tissue)
· cleaning products to clean your room and shared bathroom
· small oscillating fan (the month of September is often warm)
· small flashlight in case of power failure
· laundry basket or dirty clothes holder to carry clothes to the laundry room

If you plan to use the common kitchen to prepare meals (cooking in your room is prohibited), you will need the following:
· dishes to cook with and to eat with (stove with oven, cook top, microwave, kettle and toaster are provided)
· cutlery and cooking utensils
· if you are in Morden or Dunsmuir, a small tote to carry your food and dishes to and from the common kitchen
· liquid soap, pot scrubber, tea towels and dish cloths.

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Your housing fees include a room reservation deposit, rent and a damage deposit. Housing Fees are charged to your student account and must be paid to VIU.

All other fees (application fee, linen packages and good food box orders) must be paid to Western Student Housing.

Make a payment by accessing the “pay fees” portion of your student record. You must set up Vancouver Island University as a payee from your bank account.

IN PERSON (cash, cheque, money order, or credit card)
Students can pay in person at the Cashier's Office in Building 200, Room 343. Monday to Friday between 8:30am to 3:30pm

BY MAIL (cheque or money order)
All cheques/money orders should be made payable to Vancouver Island University. When mailing your payment, include your name, student number and a note stating the cheque is for housing fees.

VIU Cashier’s Office
Building 200, Room 343
900 Fifth Street
Nanaimo, BC V9R 5S5

BY PHONE (credit card) VIU Cashier's Office 250-740-6236

If you wish to pay by wire transfer, please contact the Cashier’s Office 250-740-6236 to request the VIU’s banking information.
Monday to Friday between 8:30 am and 3:30pm.

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The parking lot (Lot O - Upper and Lower) at VIU Student Residences is administered by Vinci Park Parking, including the sale of permits and 24/7 lot patrols. There are a limited number of permits available for residence lots. All inquiries regarding the purchase of residence parking permits, metered visitor parking and violations should be directed to the Vinci Park Parking and Security Office located in Building 315 of the Nanaimo Campus.

Please note: Parking permits for the residence lot CANNOT BE PURCHASED ONLINE and are NOT valid at the main campus. Therefore, when purchasing a permit, residents must indicate it is for RESIDENCE and NOT VIU.

The parking office is open from 8:30am to 3:30pm Monday to Friday, and the phone number is 250-740-6512. Call to get placed on the list for a permit if you are moving into residence this fall.

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VIU Student Housing Linens offers a convenient way to make your room comfortable for your stay.

Residence students need their own bed linens, towels and related items. VIU Student Housing Linens supplies linen packages for purchase to students who will be living in dorms. This eliminates the need to shop, pack and transport bulky linen to Nanaimo.

Each Package contains the following items:
· 1 Foam pillow
· 2 pillow slips
· 2 Flat sheets-extra long
· 2 Fitted sheets-extra long
· 1 Fleece blanket
· 1 Fiber fill comforter
· 2 Bath towels
· 2 Hand towels
· 2 Face cloths
· 1 Bath mat

*Sheets and towels are in white only
* Price $280.00 tax included.
If you are interested in purchasing a linen package, please fill out the form included in the Room Offer Forms and send it with your payment (Cheque, Credit Card, Money Order, Cash, or Debit). Your order will be in your room when you arrive!

Place your order early to avoid disappointment!

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What is it?
The Good Food Box (GFB) is a program offered through the VIU Student Residences, and is run by the Nanaimo Foodshare check for more information about their programs).

The goal of the GFB is to stretch your food dollar further and provide everyone the opportunity to have fresh, healthy produce. The volunteers of the GFB buy fresh produce in bulk from wholesalers and local farmers. If you were to buy the contents of the box yourself from the local grocery store you would likely pay at least double the price! Boxes typically have 9-12 different fruit and vegetable items that change throughout the seasons.

The box costs only $10 a month and is delivered right to VIU Student Residences!

How do I order?
You can either pay for your GFB at the main office of Cedar Activity Centre in residence, or prepay with your room assignment information. Orders must be placed and paid by 11:00am the first Wednesday of the month and pick up is always the following Wednesday after 2:00pm at the Cedar Activity Centre of the VIU Student Residences. Students who do not pick up their GFB on delivery day will reminded once via e-mail, and if the box is still unclaimed by 5pm the following day it will be placed on the Free Cart in the Cedar Centre.

Order/Payment and Delivery Dates:
Orders and payments are due the first Wednesday of each month (by 11:00 a.m.) and food boxes are delivered the second Wednesday of each month (after 2:00 p.m.) Be sure to bring a reuseable grocery bag for each order you pick up.

If you have questions about the Good Food Box please e-mail or visit the main office in Cedar Centre.

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Students - those assigned to Morden Hall and Dunsmuir House (buildings 2 and 3) starting Thursday August 29, 2013 at 9:00 a.m. Those assigned to a 20 Bed house (buildings 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9) or to the 4-bedroom apartments (buildings 10 and 11) can move in starting Friday August 30, 2013 at 9:00 a.m.

Check in takes place at VIU Student Residences Cedar Centre, Building 4, located at the top of Fourth Street.

NEW TO VIU? Plan your move in schedule around the New Student Orientation! Get to know the campus, meet others in your program area, attend a free BBQ, play games, and get the chance to win a tuition rebate!! Two sessions available. Register online at,
New Student Orientation | Vancouver Island University (VIU)

PARENTS ORIENTATION : Supporting Your VIU Student
Parents can register for a two hour crash course on what to expect, what resources are available for your students, and how to get through their first year. Register online at,
Parent Orientation | Vancouver Island University (VIU)

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